Melatonan 2 Dosage According To Skin Type And Body Weight

Having a healthy looking tan is a dream many of us follow. Some try sunbathing while taking precautionary measures, while others resort to faster ways of achieving a tanned look. When you need to show off your hard work in front of an evaluating committee, time is of the essence. Melanotan 2 promises an exotic tan with little hassle and no beach time. But as it is the case of many tanning products, the dose depends on several factors.

The Fitzpatrick Scale

There are 6 types of skin according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. The first type includes individuals with very pale and almost white skin which always burns and never tans naturally. The second type includes those who usually get sunburn and tan after a very long time. The third type is for those who rarely get burned and tan rather easily. People with skin type 4, 5 and 6 in the Fitzpatrick Scale tan very easily and almost never get sunburn, as their skin is deeply pigmented. Your skin type will determine how much melanotan 2 you should use. Once you achieve the desired shade of tan, the dose for maintaining it should remain constant.

So for those with type 1 on the scale, some suggest a dosage between 30-60 mg. buyers with skin type 2 should use between 20-40mg, while those with skin type 3 should only buy 10-20mg. To be on the safe side, it is advisable you start with the smaller melanotan 2 dose and increase along the way.

Dosing according to bodyweight

Some suggest dosing 0.1mg for every 10kg of your body weight. This means:
Melatonan 2 Dosage Someone weighing 50kg or less should inject 0.5mg;
– Someone weighing 50-60kg should inject 0.6mg;
– Someone weighing 60-70kg should inject 0.7mg;
– Someone weighing 70-80kg should inject 0.8mg;
– Someone weighing 80-90kg should inject 0.9mg;
– Someone weighing 100kg or more should inject 1mg.

There is another chart quite popular on the internet. The math is done base on a vial containing 10mg of melanotan 2. The dose used for the chart is 0.02mg per kilo, so depending on the weight, someone weighing:
– 42 kg (92 lbs) should have 12 injections and use 0.833 mg daily;
– 43 kg (96 lbs) should have 11.5 injections and use 0.870 mg daily;
– 45 kg (100 lbs) should have 11 injections and use 0.909 mg daily;
– 48 kg (105 lbs) should have 10.5 injections and use 0.952 mg daily;
– 50 kg (110 lbs) should have 10 injections and use 1.000 mg daily;
– 53 kg (116 lbs) should have 9.5 injections and use 1.053 mg daily;
– 55 kg (122 lbs) should have 9 injections and use 1.111 mg daily;
– 59 kg (130 lbs) should have 8.5 injections and use 1.176 mg daily;
– 63 kg (138 lbs) should have 8 injections and use 1.250 mg daily;
– 67 kg = 147 lbs should have 7.5 injections and use 1.333 mg daily;
– 71 kg = 157 lbs should have 7 injections and use 1.429 mg daily;
– 74 kg = 163 lbs should have 6.5 injections and use 1.481 mg daily;
– 77 kg = 170 lbs should have 6 injections and use 1.538 mg daily;
And the list may continue.

Most mention that the usual dosage for this peptide is from 0.5mg to 2 mg a day. Still, if you’re not sure, you should first try with 0.25mg if not less to test your tolerance.


Could Melanotan 2 Be Associated With Addiction?

If you type melanotan in a search engine, you will find dozens of forums, newspaper articles and reviews advertising a miracle product. This product offers great skin tan without wasting time on the beach or in cosmetic salons. The internet abounds of such successful stories of bodybuilders and models that tried an untested drug and will be happy to do so again.

Melanotan 2 is a synthetic hormone that promises to provide a healthy golden skin glow to all users, regardless of skin type. The market is overwhelmed by the number of melanotan products, but are they really safe to use?

Weighing the ups and the downs

By using melanotan 2, bodybuilders save precious time they would have spent on the beach or in cosmetic saloons in order to achieve the desired look. But what are the disadvantages? Most disadvantages consist in bothersome side effects such as: facial redness, loss of appetite, increased libido, darkening of moles and freckles, scar discoloring, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. For a person who needs to workout frequently, these side effects should be at least alarming.

Still, many carry on with the melanotan 2 treatment regardless. And they do so over and over again. Could they be hooked to it? If you read through the product reviews, you will notice that many people deny ever being addicted to anything. Yet they inject a substance that might prove to be dangerous right into their bodies. And they do that repeatedly and without any hesitation. Some even spent fortunes on melanotan 2, sun beds or fake tan. The stake is pretty high for bodybuilders, but is it really worth it?

Examining the possibility of an addiction

Melanotan 2 -There are no studies connecting melanotan 2 with substance abuse. However the kind of addiction I’m referring to has nothing to do with the substance itself. It has to do with the feel good hormones produced in the brain when we are happy. Just as exercising regularly makes us feel good, people using melanotan 2 may also be feeling that way. They start feeling proud about their own body and don’t want to let go of that feeling. In other words, we may be talking about a psychological addiction.

There are a few signs to spot addiction. The first one is importance. If using melanotan 2 is affecting your way of life, is making you feel obsessed about it, you may have a problem. Another aspect you should have in mind is whether you feel better about yourself when you’re injecting foreign substances into your body. Does it make you a better person; do you feel more in control? If the answer to those questions is yes, you might be addicted. It’s not a bad thing if you feel better about yourself. The problem begins when you need that substance to make you feel that way and you feel uncomfortable when you stop using it.

If you keep saying to yourself “this is the last time” and keep ordering the product online, maybe you should consider reevaluating your situation. Again, feeling good about ourselves is a good idea. But when that good mood depends on outside factors and not upon our own action, then it’s clear we have an addiction that needs to be dealt with before it escalates.


What To Eat When Following The Melanotan Regimen

Bodybuilding is all about appearance and having tanned skin is part of it. But when appearance means using untested drugs that come with sickening side effects, what can you do about it? As you might have guessed, this article focuses on key aspects regarding dieting when using melanotan synthetic tanning hormone. Keep reading and find out how to balance your nutrients in order to minimize the downside.

Assess your health state before starting

Many complain about getting sick after using melanotan, but there is no solid evidence the drug is responsible for their health state. It may be a coincidence that users experienced side effects such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headaches, but there are ways to be sure and to counter them.

First of all, it is advisable to see a doctor before ordering your melanotan starter kit. Have a general check-up and run some blood and urine tests to make sure you’re ok. Check if the levels of essential minerals, blood pressure, cholesterol and so on are within normal limits. Note that many chronic diseases show little or no symptoms, so there is no harm in doing a quick check.

Looking at side effects: dizziness, vomiting and nausea

Melanotan Regimen1Quite often dizziness is caused by the lack of essential minerals. To keep dizziness under control, a first step would be to stay hydrated, but not by increasing your water intake drastically. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will provide sufficient amount of water, and also supply your body with vital nutrients and fibers. Spinach is a good option, as it is rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. Consume plenty of foods rich in B vitamins such as liver, whole grains, nuts. B vitamins can also be found in a wide variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, lettuce and so on.

Even if you may experience a loss in appetite when starting to use melanotan, don’t stop eating. Instead, keep your meals small and eat as frequently as possible. If you’re feeling nauseous, make yourself a salad and throw in some ginger as it will reduce your symptoms. Ginger tea will also do the trick and will also stimulate your entire metabolism. Lemon is also a popular remedy for nausea, so keep those lemonades coming. Stay clear of sweets, soft drinks and other citrus fruits, as they will increase the acidity of your gastric system. Avoid processed foods (canned foods, pastries, sausages or foods which contain lots of salt) and stay away from fast food products. If your blood sugar drops, have sour fruits such as apples or bland snacks suck as crackers or dried bread.

Muscle break and kidney failure

Coincidence or not, some people experienced muscle breaks that led to kidney failure after overdosing melanotan. It’s no secret for bodybuilders they have to consume lots of lean protein in order to replace broken muscle fibers. So, if melanotan causes muscle breaks, should you eat even more protein? Yes and no. Keep in mind that when you follow the tanning regimen, you will lose your appetite, so consuming more meat will prove physically impossible. Try simple amino acids such as BCAA and proteins that come from veggies. Drink more water, but not too much. Take it one step at a time, and make sure you mix the water and saliva together, otherwise it’s pointless.


Weight Loss With Melanotan: From Effective To More Effective

Though you might have heard about this, there is a new trend among those concerned about their look. This trend is called melanotan and it is a synthetic hormone meant to stimulate skin pigmentation. Other than that, melanotan seems to come with a package of side effects including loss of appetite. So people were wondering if melanotan could be an easy way to shred some pounds.

Looking into the matter

Though little clinical research has been made on melanotan, some suggest that it could contribute to the metabolism of lipids. In other words, this tanning drug could be used in a diet to burn fat and shape out muscle mass. Others claim that the suppression of appetite alone is a trigger for weight loss.

Though this side effect requires injecting a higher dose than recommended, cases of significant weight loss have not been reported. Nevertheless, using melanotan could give you a head start to achieve your goal and dismiss some pounds, if combined with some fool proof methods.

Ways to boost your weight loss program 

Have a rich breakfast. Though melanotan suppresses the appetite, it is no excuse to skip breakfast. By keeping a rigorous morning routine with a healthy breakfast, you will snack less between meals. Thus your chances of getting fat will drop.

Replace high calorie foods with veggies. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. You can eat as much as you want, as long as it is the right kind of food. Experiment with spices, leafy greens or legumes until you’re satisfied. Also whole grain pasta and rice are great choices, as long as you keep an eye on portions. Also, don’t neglect non-saturated fats from oils and nuts. They also promote fat burn and fill you up whenever you crave for a snack.

Skip late night snacks. Most junk food is loaded with sugar and salt. Salt retains water into our tissues, making us feel bloated and heavy. Not eating after 8 p.m. or earlier will provide your body with some time to process what was consumed during the day. This will increase the quality of your sleep, another important factor that influences weight loss. If you’re doing melanotan jabs before bed, you should be covered since it should suppress your hunger.

Weight Loss With MelanotanSwitch your exercise routine. Exercise stops being effective once the body gets used to it. One way to surprise your body is to do intervals. If you’re working indoors, HIIT workouts provide amazing results. They boost metabolism more than any other workout, while burning calories even 8 hours post-workout.

To alternate, you might want to try exercising outside. You could try running on a track and do your intervals based on distance. Run at your maximum speed for half a lap, then pause for a few seconds (between 30 to 60 seconds) and repeat until satisfied. If you get bored, try to increase the distance from one interval to another.

Using melanotan may not be the best weight loss technique. But combined with a rigorous exercise plan and consistent diet, it can work wonders. Remember not to starve yourself, though.