Having a healthy looking tan is a dream many of us follow. Some try sunbathing while taking precautionary measures, while others resort to faster ways of achieving a tanned look. When you need to show off your hard work in front of an evaluating committee, time is of the essence. Melanotan 2 promises an exotic tan with little hassle and no beach time. But as it is the case of many tanning products, the dose depends on several factors.

The Fitzpatrick Scale

There are 6 types of skin according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. The first type includes individuals with very pale and almost white skin which always burns and never tans naturally. The second type includes those who usually get sunburn and tan after a very long time. The third type is for those who rarely get burned and tan rather easily. People with skin type 4, 5 and 6 in the Fitzpatrick Scale tan very easily and almost never get sunburn, as their skin is deeply pigmented. Your skin type will determine how much melanotan 2 you should use. Once you achieve the desired shade of tan, the dose for maintaining it should remain constant.

So for those with type 1 on the scale, some suggest a dosage between 30-60 mg. buyers with skin type 2 should use between 20-40mg, while those with skin type 3 should only buy 10-20mg. To be on the safe side, it is advisable you start with the smaller melanotan 2 dose and increase along the way.

Dosing according to bodyweight

Some suggest dosing 0.1mg for every 10kg of your body weight. This means:
Melatonan 2 Dosage Someone weighing 50kg or less should inject 0.5mg;
– Someone weighing 50-60kg should inject 0.6mg;
– Someone weighing 60-70kg should inject 0.7mg;
– Someone weighing 70-80kg should inject 0.8mg;
– Someone weighing 80-90kg should inject 0.9mg;
– Someone weighing 100kg or more should inject 1mg.

There is another chart quite popular on the internet. The math is done base on a vial containing 10mg of melanotan 2. The dose used for the chart is 0.02mg per kilo, so depending on the weight, someone weighing:
– 42 kg (92 lbs) should have 12 injections and use 0.833 mg daily;
– 43 kg (96 lbs) should have 11.5 injections and use 0.870 mg daily;
– 45 kg (100 lbs) should have 11 injections and use 0.909 mg daily;
– 48 kg (105 lbs) should have 10.5 injections and use 0.952 mg daily;
– 50 kg (110 lbs) should have 10 injections and use 1.000 mg daily;
– 53 kg (116 lbs) should have 9.5 injections and use 1.053 mg daily;
– 55 kg (122 lbs) should have 9 injections and use 1.111 mg daily;
– 59 kg (130 lbs) should have 8.5 injections and use 1.176 mg daily;
– 63 kg (138 lbs) should have 8 injections and use 1.250 mg daily;
– 67 kg = 147 lbs should have 7.5 injections and use 1.333 mg daily;
– 71 kg = 157 lbs should have 7 injections and use 1.429 mg daily;
– 74 kg = 163 lbs should have 6.5 injections and use 1.481 mg daily;
– 77 kg = 170 lbs should have 6 injections and use 1.538 mg daily;
And the list may continue.

Most mention that the usual dosage for this peptide is from 0.5mg to 2 mg a day. Still, if you’re not sure, you should first try with 0.25mg if not less to test your tolerance.