Though you might have heard about this, there is a new trend among those concerned about their look. This trend is called melanotan and it is a synthetic hormone meant to stimulate skin pigmentation. Other than that, melanotan seems to come with a package of side effects including loss of appetite. So people were wondering if melanotan could be an easy way to shred some pounds.

Looking into the matter

Though little clinical research has been made on melanotan, some suggest that it could contribute to the metabolism of lipids. In other words, this tanning drug could be used in a diet to burn fat and shape out muscle mass. Others claim that the suppression of appetite alone is a trigger for weight loss.

Though this side effect requires injecting a higher dose than recommended, cases of significant weight loss have not been reported. Nevertheless, using melanotan could give you a head start to achieve your goal and dismiss some pounds, if combined with some fool proof methods.

Ways to boost your weight loss program 

Have a rich breakfast. Though melanotan suppresses the appetite, it is no excuse to skip breakfast. By keeping a rigorous morning routine with a healthy breakfast, you will snack less between meals. Thus your chances of getting fat will drop.

Replace high calorie foods with veggies. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. You can eat as much as you want, as long as it is the right kind of food. Experiment with spices, leafy greens or legumes until you’re satisfied. Also whole grain pasta and rice are great choices, as long as you keep an eye on portions. Also, don’t neglect non-saturated fats from oils and nuts. They also promote fat burn and fill you up whenever you crave for a snack.

Skip late night snacks. Most junk food is loaded with sugar and salt. Salt retains water into our tissues, making us feel bloated and heavy. Not eating after 8 p.m. or earlier will provide your body with some time to process what was consumed during the day. This will increase the quality of your sleep, another important factor that influences weight loss. If you’re doing melanotan jabs before bed, you should be covered since it should suppress your hunger.

Weight Loss With MelanotanSwitch your exercise routine. Exercise stops being effective once the body gets used to it. One way to surprise your body is to do intervals. If you’re working indoors, HIIT workouts provide amazing results. They boost metabolism more than any other workout, while burning calories even 8 hours post-workout.

To alternate, you might want to try exercising outside. You could try running on a track and do your intervals based on distance. Run at your maximum speed for half a lap, then pause for a few seconds (between 30 to 60 seconds) and repeat until satisfied. If you get bored, try to increase the distance from one interval to another.

Using melanotan may not be the best weight loss technique. But combined with a rigorous exercise plan and consistent diet, it can work wonders. Remember not to starve yourself, though.